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Installation Terms & Conditions
It is very important for our valued customers to read through the disclaimer below before request for quotation of our professional flooring installation services.


  • Installation charges are subjected to quotation after site visit & measurement.
  • Installation service is ONLY available for products purchased from Hoss Marketing Sdn. Bhd. 

1) Installation Method

The method of installation is “floating system” and shall be according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Changes in designs, patterns motifs, borders or similar will be charged separately.

2) Surface or sub-floor requirements

a) Floor surface must be clean from any debris, dry, smoothly screened and must be even. Any uneven subfloor must undergo with the self-leveling process.

b) All wall edges when plastering shall be of right angles to avoid skirting gaps. Filling up of gaps will be considered a variation order and subject to additional charges.

c) Staircase treads, riser and landing to form at right angles, same width, height and parallel alignment.

d) All newly cement screed floor must have at least 60 days curing time prior to the installation of our flooring system.

e) Ground floor or basement area must be waterproofed prior to the installation of our flooring system.

3) Other requirements

a) Sanitary fittings, window & electrical fitting, painting & wet works and other trades that might result in the damages of flooring shall be commenced and completed prior to the installation of our flooring system.

b) Door clearance shall be of minimum 20mm from screed floor.

c) Contractor or buyer to confirm that all necessary water feature fittings are properly installed and there must not have any water leakage.

d) Contractor or buyer to provide electricity and water supply, hoisting facility and other facilities deemed fit for the progress of work.

e) Storage area to be provided at the site to prevent damages or mishandling.

4) Staircase Area

As for the staircase area, it is compulsory to conduct installation with construction adhesive i.e. X-Bond construction glue as this adhesive has a very strong bonding agent for small areas like stair treads and risers, particularly onto cement screed surfaces.

Reasons for the staircase to be glued on are as follows;

  1. As a result of a very small area with the size of merely one panel of the floorboard, therefore, dilatation is minimal which confines to a single panel only.
  2. The shape and size of the staircase do not allow for
  3. ‘floating system’ as this could cause movement which is potentially dangerous to a homeowner.

Note: Due to the principle of the floating installation method, it is prohibited to affix any fixtures or fitting onto the sub-floor that would deter the required expansion.

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