Warranty Disclaimer – Eraflor

EraFlor SPC Flooring’s limited warranty covers wear, fade or stain aspects for a specified length of time (as stipulated below) from the date of purchase and subject to the prerequisites stated hereafter.

Conditions of Warranty:

1.Wear Warranty

Must be through the wear layer to the degree that the printed pattern is worn off in an area of at least one square centimetre on one panel.

2.Stain Warranty

Have visible stains on the surface due to the following substances: hand-cream, fruit and vegetable drinks, fats, coffee, cola drinks, or similar products.

3.Fade Warranty

Must be to the degree that the floor is permanently discoloured under normal Interior application only. (Sunlight from the window, door and roof must be protected with proper curtain and etc.)


  • Eraflor SPC flooring must be installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions that accompanied the product. Improper sub-floor / surface preparation, installation or application will void this warranty.
  • Eraflor SPC flooring may only be used according to the recommended level of use.
  • This warranty does not cover wear or damage due to improper installation, cleaning, care or maintenance in a manner contrary to the instructions as provided by the manufacturer, physical abuse to or misuse of the product, accidents causing scratching, impact or cutting, freight damage, modification, alteration of either chemical or physical characteristics.
  • Each panel must be carefully inspected prior to installation. Any panels that appear to have visual defects should not be installed. We shall not be responsible for any claims on installed floor with visual defects.
  • Large protecting matting has to be provided in all entrance areas to keep away coarse dirt, grit and stones.


  • The decor layer is worn off in an area of at least one square centimetre on one panel.
  • The defect of abrasion is reported to the authorised dealer (that you purchased from) in written form within 30 days after it has been noticed.
  • The written complaint has to be accompanied by the proof of purchase (details of the purchase with purchase date) for the product in question.
  • We are allowed to inspect all reported defective products or said-to-be defective floor on site before recognizing any claims.


  • Repair the defective vinyl panel at no charge (colour variations due to replacement with new panels for defective area is unavoidable), or
  • Reimburse the current value*, or
  • Deliver to the original point of sales for any replacement material up to the current value of the defective panel.
  • We are allowed to inspect all reported defective products or said-to-be defective floor on site before recognizing any claims.
  • If we rectify the flooring as a result of a warranty claims, you will be required to clear at your own expense for any items placed over the affected areas subsequent to the original installation.
  • If the identical decor is not available, a suitable replacement will be delivered.
  • This warranty covers a replacement of the affected material only, it does not cover associated labour costs, any other related materials and extra costs.
  • Any warranty claims accepted do not prolong the total warranty period counted from the date of the purchase.
  • Any claims of liability arising from this warranty cease to be valid if not reported within 6 months after the defect of abrasion was noticed respectively would have to be noticed by the dealer.

*The current value is the original price, minus 10% for every 6-month period elapsed from the date of purchase of the vinyl panels.

EXCLUSIONS from the warranty:

The following are not covered by this Limited Warranty:

  • Dissatisfaction or damage due to improper installation or maintenance.
  • Damage caused by fire or burns, flooding and mechanical damage (i.e. damage done on the floor by hitting or falling hard object).
  • Damage caused by vacuum cleaner beater bar, indentations or damage caused by improper rolling loads,
  • Caster wheels, chairs or other furniture without proper floor protectors and cuts from sharp objects.
  • Surface scratches or scuffing.
  • Changes in colour or sheen from exposure to sunlight or due to use of rubber-backed mats.
  • Exterior applications.
  • Minor shading, colour or texture differences between samples or printed colour photographs or illustration and delivered product.


Cleaning and Care

  • The simplest and most effective maintenance is light daily sweeping, dust mopping or vacuum (without the “beater bar”) the vinyl floor frequently. As for commercial installations that are subject to heavy traffic scenario, clean the vinyl floor with general purpose liquid detergent and allow floor to dry before applying two to three coat of acrylic polymer polish and subsequently ‘puffing’ or ‘’polishing’ after 24
    hours when is necessary.
  • Generally, lighter colours and plain designs are easier to have visual scuffs, scratches and dirt than darker colours or multi-colours designs. Thus, frequent cleaning and maintenance is needed.
  • Stains and spills such as paint, oil, etc. must be removed promptly with clean dry cloth or use a cloth moistened very lightly with plain water. Solvent based cleaner is not recommended.

Preventive Measures

  • To prevent indentations and scratches- must provide glass, plastic or other non- staining cups with flat under surfaces not less than 2″in width for the legs of heavy furniture or appliances.
  • As for swivelled type office chairs and other rolling furniture, must be equipped with Broad surface non-staining casters which at least 2” in diameter.
  • Blinds must be installed to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Prolonged direct sunlight can result in discolouration and excessive temperature can also cause material distortions such as expansion or delamination.
  • Protect flooring surface with felt pads under furniture legs.
  • In case of external doors, do make sure that you have a sufficiently large protective doormat to keep away coarse dirt, grit particles and stones.
  • Avoid use of rubber-backed mats, as certain rubber components can permanently stain vinyl.
  • Avoid tracking in tar or asphalt from driveways, as this can discolour vinyl floor. Important Notes:

Important Notes:

  • Due to the principle of Floating System Installation (for Click system only), it is strictly prohibited to screw or nail any fixtures or fittings onto the flooring that can deter the necessary expansion.
  • Make sure the selected floor to be installed in an area that corresponds to its intended utility class.